Six Sigma

a. Six Sigma Strategy

We help organizations in assessing their capability or present status of implementation of Six Sigma, as appropriate, and support in development of Overall Six Sigma Strategy to ensure the faster and higher success.
What business Objectives viz. financial savings, market growth, customer satisfaction, process capabilities and / or level of people capability organization chooses to enhance determines organizational Six Sigma Strategy. We help organizations to clarify on these objectives, link it relevant processes, set up processes for initiative and project management and set out overall employee development and benefits tracking program. We also handhold in development of detailed road map and provide support all throughout its implementation.

b. Training and Certification

We provide class room trainings, support live six sigma project and conduct effective online exam for certification for all the Six Sigma expertise levels.
All our certifications follow the criteria of class room training, on line exam and a live project. Effectiveness of class room training depends on maturity of trainer and clarity of training documents. The evaluation of learning and providing specific feedback to individuals on their strength areas and improvement opportunities makes learning continuous even after class room training. Finally, actually working on the project and using learning in real life makes learning implementable and useful to individual as well as organization. The individuals certified by us have helped organizations to make the journey of six sigma more successful.

DMAIC / DFSS Hierarchy DMAIC / LEAN Hierarchy

c. Project Mentoring

We help organizations and individuals in making their Six Sigma projects successful with maximized business benefits. It also develops edge among individuals on effective application of Six Sigma Tools.
Six Sigma projects if done with definite rigor, realize maximum benefits and savings. The essence is rigor in methodology, right usage of tools, definite involvement of team and timely action on identified solutions. Our mentoring help right technical inputs as well as timely mobilization of required resources.
Course Calender
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Green Belt (Q-SSGB) Program
Phase 1: 18 to 22 Jan, 2017 + Phase 2: 22 to 26 Feb, 2017
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Q-SSYB) Program
Pune, New Delhi
Pune -28 to 30 Jan, 2017, New Delhi - 15 to 17 Feb, 2017
Bullet IMS (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) Awareness Program
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 07-08 Jan, 2017; New Delhi - 07-08 Jan, 2017; Mumbai - 14-15 Jan, 2017
Bullet QUltima Internal Auditor Course for ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001
Pune and New Delhi
Pune -04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 days); New Delhi - 04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 Days)
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Manufacturing Excellence Awareness
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 21 to 22 Dec, 2016, New Delhi - 28 to 29 Dec, 2016, Mumbai - 23 to 24 Dec, 2016
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Measurement System Analysis
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 30 Nov to 02 Dec, 2016; New Delhi - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016; Mumbai - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016

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Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (THIRD RANKER)
Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (SECOND RANKER)
Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (FIRST RANKER)
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