Gap Assessment

a. Productivity and Cost

We assess the Opportunities of enhancing Productivity and reducing Cost and converting them into manageable projects (long term and short term both).
It is always possible to do more tasks in less time and resources. Key assessment tool used are Value Stream Mapping, debottlenecking, line balancing, work balancing, better asset / manpower utilization, cost structure and like.

b. Quality Excellence Capability

We help organizations to enhance capability of its people in Quality Excellence by assessing employees on Six Sigma, Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), Manufacturing Excellence and Business Excellence.
Based on assessment done at individual employee level we help development of overall quality excellence competence development strategies, road map for competency development as well as drafting individual development plans. The effectiveness of strategies can be evaluated by reassessments done periodically at frequency determined by organization.

c. Six Sigma -Preparedness & Maturity

We help organization in identifying potential of financial savings through Six Sigma and ‚ÄúSix Sigma Maturity‚Ä? in terms of both, enabling and result characteristics, and proposing the successful strategies and road map for initiatives.
Success on Six Sigma determines organization profitability and realization of growth potential. Specific characteristics of the company enhance chances of success of Six Sigma initiative, called enabling characteristics viz. leadership commitment, established processes, data availability, analytical capabilities etc. Similarly there are key indicators of success of Six Sigma in the organization, called result characteristics viz. financial savings, customer compliant reduction, number of successful projects, projects in pipe line, six sigma DNA (number of master black belts / black belts green belts / yellow belts) discipline of methodology etc.

d. QMS/EMS/OHSS - Preparedness & Maturity

We support organizations in assessing their suppliers as well as support organizations to successfully clear customer and certification audits by implementing recommendations based on our gap assessment.
Organizational reliability to consistently deliver product and / or services depends on extent of implementation of management systems for quality, environment, health and safety. We assess organizational maturity on systems, prepare road map for improvements, handhold improvements and take to higher levels. Customers conduct active evaluation of such systems, before placing orders and our clients have cleared all such audits in single stroke.

e. Manufacturing Excellence Maturity

We assess organizational maturity on manufacturing excellence parameters; suggest improvement opportunities directly related to business objectives and handhold implementation.
Manufacturing throughput time and organization flexibility to deliver varying product mix and quantity at optimal resource and capacity levels can always be improved based on organizational manufacturing strategy and customer profile. This flexibility depends on various elements of manufacturing excellence ranging from understanding customers, operational flexibility, schedule management, equipment maintenance, changeover capability, quality management system, employee skills and like.

f. Business Excellence Maturity

We help assess organizations on Business Excellence Models, handhold for improvement, and support in achievement of these Awards. Also, we support in application preparation for these awards as well as establishing internal award processes based on these models.
All Organizations strive to consistently show outstanding financial performance quarter after quarter and year after year. Such organization have specific characteristics of business excellence, which based on multiple research are defined by Malcolm Baldridge, European Foundation Quality Medal and / or Deming Award Models.
Course Calender
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Green Belt (Q-SSGB) Program
Phase 1: 18 to 22 Jan, 2017 + Phase 2: 22 to 26 Feb, 2017
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Q-SSYB) Program
Pune, New Delhi
Pune -28 to 30 Jan, 2017, New Delhi - 15 to 17 Feb, 2017
Bullet IMS (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) Awareness Program
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 07-08 Jan, 2017; New Delhi - 07-08 Jan, 2017; Mumbai - 14-15 Jan, 2017
Bullet QUltima Internal Auditor Course for ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001
Pune and New Delhi
Pune -04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 days); New Delhi - 04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 Days)
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Manufacturing Excellence Awareness
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 21 to 22 Dec, 2016, New Delhi - 28 to 29 Dec, 2016, Mumbai - 23 to 24 Dec, 2016
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Measurement System Analysis
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 30 Nov to 02 Dec, 2016; New Delhi - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016; Mumbai - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016

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