Deployment Support
We support organizations in developing and implementing Quality Excellence Strategies around overall organizational excellence as well as any of the elements (viz. Productivity & Cost, Customer Satisfaction & Defects Reduction, SIX SIGMA, Quality Management Systems, Environment & Safety Management System, Manufacturing Excellence and Business Excellence) as per the requirement of the organization.
We follow highly structured and proven methodology for designing excellence strategies, adopting our unique model “CE-BUS-AT"

Clarify Organizational Objectives
Establish Contribution Expectation from Excellence Initiative(s)
Baseline present level of Excellence – Results and Efforts
Understanding for shared road map with roles and time frames
Support Infrastructure and Competency Requirements Plan
Actions and support for Achievement of Committed Results
Transfer of Capabilities to Sustain

The typical time frame for such deployment support varies from 1 – 3 years, depending upon the size and resource commitment of the organization. The typical Results that can be expected are

Tangible Results

1. Achievement of Set Objectives.
2. Clear cut financial savings (unless organization does not desire to link).
3. Improved manpower productivity.
4. Improved process yields, defect reduction and cycle times.
5. Improved people capabilities on identified parameters.
6. Internal capabilities for structured achievement of short term and long term goals.

Intangible Results

1. Balance of Long Term and Short Term Objectives.
2. Established excellence initiative(s)
3. Capabilities to continuously milk gains from established excellence systems.
Course Calender
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Green Belt (Q-SSGB) Program
Phase 1: 18 to 22 Jan, 2017 + Phase 2: 22 to 26 Feb, 2017
Bullet Q-Ultima Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Q-SSYB) Program
Pune, New Delhi
Pune -28 to 30 Jan, 2017, New Delhi - 15 to 17 Feb, 2017
Bullet IMS (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) Awareness Program
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 07-08 Jan, 2017; New Delhi - 07-08 Jan, 2017; Mumbai - 14-15 Jan, 2017
Bullet QUltima Internal Auditor Course for ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001
Pune and New Delhi
Pune -04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 days); New Delhi - 04 to 06 Jan, 2017 (3 Days)
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Manufacturing Excellence Awareness
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 21 to 22 Dec, 2016, New Delhi - 28 to 29 Dec, 2016, Mumbai - 23 to 24 Dec, 2016
Bullet Q-Certification Course for Measurement System Analysis
Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai
Pune - 30 Nov to 02 Dec, 2016; New Delhi - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016; Mumbai - 14 to 16 Dec, 2016

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Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (THIRD RANKER)
Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (SECOND RANKER)
Bullet Listen from the Topper of NQTSE, 2016 (FIRST RANKER)
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