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Program No.: SS/Students/01

Program Name Q-Ultima Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Q-SSYB) Program
Target Group

·     Must Know FOR ALL in a progressive manufacturing organization

·     Junior and Middle Management Team

·     Must for aspiring Green and Black Belts

·     Fundamental course needed for people in technology, research and engineering responsible
for setting specification limits.

·     Quality Team, Management Representative and key people involved in improvement

·     For those who want to learn & use tools and certification is just a bi-product.

  • Final Year Engineering students who have done their summer training in any industry,
    preferably in manufacturing
  • Bachelor of Science or Diploma Engineers with minimum 1 year of working experience
  • Pass the QSSYB entrance test
How it helps young graduates?

Many companies, which are practicing or aspiring to practice Six Sigma,
prefer individuals with prior knowledge on it. Any business house
need people who know problem solving and can quickly support trouble
shooting. Therefore, by the knowledge imparted to
"certified QSSYB"  swiftly takes the role of highly
contributing team member in the organization.


3 days

City Pune, New Delhi
Key "take away"

1.    Basic Statistics – 5 Steps and the significance of statistics in fundamental analysis

2.    Introduction to Six Sigma – its history and present perspective

3.    Key Steps in Problem Solving and advent of DMAIC

4.    Six Sigma Tools used in Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control phases

5.    Detailed explanation and usage of Key tools of DMAIC

6.    Expectation from team members (Yellow Belts) during each phase  of DMAIC & Mitigation of team challenges

Program Schedule and Key Contents

Day 1

  • ·         History of Quality and Need of Six Sigma
  • ·         What is Six Sigma – Various approaches merging into concept
  • ·         Cost of Quality
  • ·         Futility of Inspection
  • ·         Successful and not so successful stories of Six Sigma.
  • ·         Who ultimately gains by Six Sigma initiative?
  • ·         Problem Solving Techniques
  • ·         Developing an eye for Improvement Opportunities (Problems)
  • ·         Various methodologies of Six Sigma (DFSS, DMAIC, LEAN)
  • ·         Understanding steps in Six Sigma Methodology and what to expect as QSSYB, QSSGB and QSSBB courses.
  • ·         Understanding Team Roles and challenges as member

Day 2

  • ·         Basic Statistics – 5 steps with the concept and application
  • ·         Types of Data – Discrete (Nominal, Ordinal) and Continuous (Interval & Ratio)
  • ·         Location / Central tendency of Data (Mean, Median, Mode)
  • ·         Spread of Data – Range, Variance, Standard Deviation & COV
  • ·         Shape of Data and Predictions – Histogram, Distributions, Normal Distribution, probability calculations
  • ·          Introduction to Minitab – a statistical software and parallel calculations in excel
  • ·         Data Collection Methods

 Day 3

·         Define Phase –Business Metric; scoping down tools viz. macro map, tree diagram; Pareto chart;
primary metric, financial metric, negative consequence metric;
team constitution, problem & objective statements

·         Measure Phase – Accuracy, Precision, Capability Measures, Short term & long term, Process
Flow Diagram, hidden factories, VA/NVA, KPIV/KPOV identification and C&E Matrix

·         Analyze Phase – FMEA and Graphical Analysis

·         Improve Phase – Types of Experimentation based on data type,
difference between DOE and OFAT

Control Phase – Control Methods and their
hierarchy, control plan, Statistical Process Control –
Which control chart to use where, making of Xbar-chart, interpretation of control charts


Certification Exam
  • There is one online exam that each candidate has to take mutually convenient time
    within 7 days of completing course. This is needed for
    Amateur Certificate and is eligibility condition for Professional Certificate
Projects @ Cost
  • In case, candidate seeks professional certificate he has to
    request for participation in on-going Black Belt or Green Belt Project. Based on participation and
    contributions in the project, candidate will be given professional certificate. The project
    participation shall be at additional cost.

QSSYB - Amateur Certificate (Attend course, pass exam)

QSSYB - Professional Certificate (Attend course, pass exam, complete project in guidance of our
trainer or guide approved by us)

Calibration Programs @ cost

No comparable certifications are available in the market.


QSSYB - Amateur - Rs 9, 000/-
QSSYB - Professional - Rs. 12,000/-

Dates Pune -28 to 30 Jan, 2017, New Delhi - 15 to 17 Feb, 2017

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